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    creation & advise - order and purchase of an urn

    Personal, indivitual, streightforward: Choose an artisticly designed, hand made urn for a beloved human. Direct and uncomplicated, any time on www.urne.ch or as well in contact with your community, the sepultural offic or the funeral director of your choice. Gladly we advise you on the phone or in our studio urne.ch in Zurich or Basel.

    Atelier Zurich: 044 301 06 00

    Atelier Basel: 061 303 06 00

    All shown objects on www.urne.com are usually available immediately, can be provided at the studio urne.ch within one day or carefully and safely delievered to the desired address until the next day.

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    Creation & design: www.cosmicball.com

    TV, radio and press reports about the art made by Thomas Schär:
    Guest at 10vor10 SRF by Kurt Aeschbacher and Eva Wannenmacher "Kulturplatz"

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    2017 - Tagesanzeiger Zurich:
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    • Studio Zurich:
    • Zentralstrasse 50
    • 8003 Zurich - City
    • phone: 044 301 06 00
    • info@urne.ch
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    opening times - councelling - sales

    Opening times & studio Zurich city: on arrangement: mo to fr 10.30 - 18.00 saturday on agreement

    We gladly consult with you in person. With each urn purchase in the studio urne.ch, comes a 15 minute counselling interview. The urn can, if desired, be taken directly from the studio, can be delivered to the desired address, office, crematory or graveyard or be handed over personally. We are happy to deal with all the connected consultations and formalities for you.

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    24 hours online-shop - directly in the studio

    Uncomplicated ordering through email, phone or ordering form, fast & safe. Direct shipping from the studio urne.ch within 3-12 hours

    more then 100 different models

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    Each urn is wrapped safely and is sent to the costumer, also private people with the bill. Low-cost, climate neutral with the Swiss post office and on request also express with FedEx personally handed over.

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    Payment methodes

    Directly in the studio: With credit card, maestro, postfinance or cash.


    In case of an online order or oder via phone: Uncomplicated via including bill, online-banking or through phone contact also via credit card. At the discretion of and amounts over chf 800.- a deposit is mandatory.

    All prices include all taxes (Switzerland)

    General terms and conditions: GTC

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    Is it permissible to buy a special urn indivitually?

    Yes, it is common and permissible to buy an urn in free decision for a deceased person. You can place the urn in the living room or outdoors as well, like this you are able to keep your beloved one in a special and dignified memory. If you want to spread the ashes in a special place, our small urns and pendants can serve as a keepsake or even carry a little part of the ashes. If desired we will help you set up a commemorative star on the night sky of www.placeofmemory.com .

    Can I "buy" my urn during my lifetime?

    Yes, you can chose and buy your personal urn already now. The urn as symbol and life companion, in which you can keep personal objects.

    Which regulations are to be aware of?

    We are happy to advise you regarding regulations and restrictions.

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    Our since 1998 built up treasure trove of experience in connection with the topics parting and memory as well as our wholistic idea of men makes the base of our action. We are always eager to respond your indivitual wishes sensitive and we are aware of the responsibility, which is required regarding the dignified handling of the ash of a beloved person. We would like to encourage the relatives to get active and creative together and arrange an indivitual farewell in favour of the decease. The conselling is friendly and discreet and we always nurse a trusting contact to authorities and crematories. This enables us a sincere realisation of all the necessary steps up to the handover of our unique urns to the relatives and the bereaved.

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    Which urn fits?

    The studio urne.ch creats urns in the most diverse shapes, sizes and designs. ou can find an overview of the all in the heading "collection" , there all our urns are organized thematically. All standard sizes are suitable for an adult. The urns presented in the category "miniurns-stone" , are suitable for the storage of a small ash quantity - as a memory, for a partition of the ash or for children as well.

    Further urns:

    Flower arrangements for urns

    Water urns - lake funeral

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    Map + directions

    Option 1 from Zurich main station

    With the tram 14 in direction Stauffacher and further to the station Bahnhof Wiedikon. Step out and walk in the same direction as the tram, cross Seebahnstrasse and Weststrasse and turn right into Zentralstrasse. Cross Zweierstrasse and continue on the Zentralstrasse until you reach a URNE.CH sign infront of the studio display on the right side.

    Option 2 from Zurich main station

    Take the S-Train S2, S8 or S24 one stop to the station Bahnhof Wiedikon. Step out, cross Seebahnstrasse and Weststrasse and ten turn right into Zentralstrasse. Cross Zweierstrasse and continue on the Zentralstrasse until you reach a URNE.CH sign infront of the studio display on the right side.

    Option 3 from Zurich main station

    With the tram 2 or 3 in direction Stauffacher and further to the station Kalkbreite. Step out, pass the tram depot, cross the bridge, cross Seebahnstrasse and Weststrasse and then turn left into Zentralstrasse. Cross Stationsstrasse and soon you will see the URNE.CH sign infront of the studio display on the left side.

    With the car

    Drive directly to Zentralstrasse 50 - the studio URNE.CH is very centrally located and easy to find. Public parking spaces are avaiable and if needed we can provide a parking space.

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    idea - Creation - Design - Production - Direction

    Thomas Schär

    Owner and founder of urne.ch.
    Designs, creates and produces this special, hand made urn collection since 1996.

    Learn more: cosmicball

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    collaboration - representation

    Stefanie Kalt

    collaboration & representation

    Christian D. Grichting


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    Unique for more than 20 years - URNE.CH - Idea, Creation, Design:
    "cosmicball" Thomas Schär


    Usually available immediately or provided within 3 - 12 hours in the studio urne.ch. Carefully and securely delivered to the desired address until the next day.

    We happily take your order in the adjacent form.

    To do so, please fill in all the gaps. The information of your phone as well as your email address, if necessary facilitates for us to get in touch with you. All information are treated confidential.

    If you have any questions unrelated to an order or future purchase, please contact us directly through email.


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